Dukes of London Newsletters

Dukes host an annual event to promote their range of new and bestselling products to their customers. The theme for the 2016 show was ethical and sustainable products. THE CHALLENGE In addition to promoting the ethical and sustainable theme, we were asked to advertise a range of virtual reality products. THE SOLUTION Our approach was to balance the ethical theme, using nature-based images, with the virtual reality products, by using bold and bright shapes with futuristic text effects. THE OUTCOME Dukes recorded an increased click-through rate upon receipt of the newsletters and a record number of visitors to the event compared to the previous year. HAVE WE INSPIRED YOU FOR YOUR PROJECT? GET IN TOUCH HERE Read More ›

Front Up Rugby UI Design

Front Up is a UK based fashion brand inspired by rugby, with heightened interest leading up to the Rugby World Cup in 2015. THE CHALLENGE The client required a website with clearly distinguishable categories to display their range of products.  THE SOLUTION The layout included a strong focus on product imagery, which was categorised with a grid system. THE OUTCOME Front Up has established itself as an exciting new player in the UK fashion industry. HAVE WE INSPIRED YOU FOR YOUR PROJECT? GET IN TOUCH HERE Read More ›

Lyle & Scott UI & App Design

Lyle & Scott are an iconic British fashion brand, with a global reach and an impressive 140 year old archive. THE CHALLENGE With the peak Christmas season approaching, we were tasked with creating a clear and engaging homepage for the Lyle & Scott website and mobile app. THE SOLUTION Naturally, we prioritised the products that were forecast to be the best-sellers. we also wanted to highlight the top-quality materials and patterns that are synonymous with the iconic British brand. This involved the use of close up imagery. THE OUTCOME The client responded well to the engaging layout which enabled easy navigation and aided a successful Christmas and January period for the company. HAVE WE INSPIRED YOU FOR YOUR PROJECT? GET IN TOUCH HERE Read More ›