Edinburgh Zoo ‘Dinosaurs Return!’ Photo Folder


Edinburgh Zoo, is a top attraction in Scotland's capital city, with over 600,000 visitors a year. In 2015, the zoo held the 'Dinosaurs Return!' exhibition to raise awareness about the current threat of extinction to many of today’s endangered species.


Within the exhibition, guests have the chance to pose for photos with the dinosaurs which they can purchase as a memento at the end of the tour. The zoo required a dinosaur-themed, simple folder to hold the guest photo. Additionally, since the roaming photographer would be taking photos from various angles around the exhibition area, a foreground template was required to frame the photo and provide further integration with the subject.


We pitched the idea of having an old book cover with a textured appearance. To add a sense of drama, dinosaur claw marks swipe across the front cover.

We wanted to integrate the die line for photo corner holders within the design. The book corner edges were the perfect opportunity to create a real photo album effect. 


The client was very happy with the embossed effect, colour combination and overall look of the folder. The artwork was created using Edinburgh Zoo's branding and was submitted on behalf of an agency.