LV= Christmas Gift Box

LV=, the UK's largest Friendly Society, approached Dukes of London to produce an end of year gift box containing a mug and ginger bread biscuit.


The fragility of the mug meant that the box needed to be carefully designed and secure the contents.


Whilst working closely with the client and Dukes, we designed a Christmas tree shaped biscuit with a holiday message branded to the top. We chose to continue the Christmas message branded on the biscuit and follow it onto the lid of the box and then onto the mug. The client requested a ribbon design on the corner of the lid, so we illustrated a heart shaped ribbon, mimicking the LV= logo using one of their corporate colours. 

Lifting the lid reveals the biscuit sitting to the left of the ceramic mug, which are both encased in foam for presentation and protection. 

The clients feedback based on the initial sketch, was that they wanted to conceal the identity of both products, but keep the same Christmas message. Therefore, we changed the shape of the acetate windows to heart shapes and sized them to expose only the message, rather than the product.


The second phase of sketching was approved, which meant we could proceed with the digital visuals below, followed by the bulk production.