Warwick Castle Princess Tower Photo Book

Warwick Castle is an iconic landmark, playing an integral role throughout British history. The castle now operates as a major tourist site, run by Merlin Entertainments. Amongst the most popular attractions within the castle is The Princess Tower. With regular shows throughout the day, it begins with a tale of a prince and princess, with guests, invited to solve an age-old curse. 

At the end of the show, guests are given the opportunity to have photos taken within a themed green screen area, where they can purchase the images which are pre-packed within the photo book.


The objective was to showcase the magical experience and provide an educational benefit for young children. They also required three themed background scenes for guest photos, which are slotted into corner holders within the book.


Using a key character from the tale, a frog was illustrated to act as a narrator and provide a consistent theme throughout the book.

Green screen technology is used onsite to create a realistic and themed backdrop for the guest photos. We designed three background scenes, where photos are printed and slotted into corner holders on alternate pages within the book. 

Although the attraction was aimed at young girls, the clients brief was for the photo book to appeal to both sexes. This challenge was overcome through the design of unisex activities including a ‘colour your own crown’ page, which can be easily removed via perforated edges. Step by step instructions on the reverse side aid the simple construction of the crown.


The book and photo templates were an absolute pleasure to create for Warwick Castle, who were very happy with the results. We are told that children love the interactive element. The majority of artwork was created using Merlin's branding. This project was undertaken on behalf of an agency.