Illustrated Brochure Design 



Richemont are a Swiss based luxury goods holding company, who own brands such as Cartier, Dunhill and Montblanc. They approached us to create their recruitment guidelines, outlining the ideal candidate and where to find them.

The client noted that we were chosen to design the guidelines as they appreciated our ability to design visually engaging and creative content after reviewing our portfolio.

They requested an illustrated brochure to highlight key points and ensure that the document was a compelling read. Our ambition was to create work that demonstrated the information not just effectively, but also in an entertaining way. As the content of the guidelines was predominantly instruction based, the illustrations help people to feel embraced and informed, not lectured. 

We were conscious of balancing the contemporary, bold designs, whilst expressing the luxury connotations associated with the brand. We achieved this, partly by summarising the ideal candidate and illustrating a diverse range of characters that communicated high expertise, culture and an appreciation of luxury. We combined this with a stimulating, whilst not outlandish colour palette.

The characters needed a confident posture and feeling of togetherness to create a sense of achievement, harmony and desirability for new recruits.

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